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Mini blocks

 The Mini Series Sew Along is continuing and I have so far more or less managed to follow the schedule. I have even sewn extra blocks. I only really posted week 1 blocks in details here, so let's have a look at the others.  Week 2 was about the Courthouse step block and the diamond block.  I had already sewn those in September but here they are I also made an extra diamond and a distorted triangle this month.  The next series of block was the pineapple block and the hexagon step block which took forever to sew with so many tiny pieces (over 85 in the pineapple block) The following blocks were the triangle geese block and the bloom block And finally the stretched geese block I've made 13 mini blocks included 7 completed in October and I really like how they've turned out. Not sure what I'll end up doing with them but never mind! Linking to  Design Wall Monday ,   Monday Making ,  Midweek Makers ,  Wednesday Wait Loss ,  Happy Needle and Threa d   Brag about your Beauties

Summer blouse

  I know, summer is over,  although temperatures adding midday have been so mild recently that we could wonder! In any case I'm ready for summer weather with my new blouse! I cut it early September as part of a double challenge. The Charlie pattern was offered for free by the designer,  la Robe du Chat , new to me but a nice find! With a challenge to sew the pattern by mid September, which I failed! There was also the IG #magamsewalong challenge to make a shirt in September.  I started quite well really until I reached the step where the collar had to be attached to the blouse.  My first collar as well... so I set everything aside for later.... or for never!  Anyway we had a day off work for world mental health day early October so I decided to use some of it for me and to sew.  I picked up my blouse again. In the meantime, la Robe du Chat released an add-on to the pattern so I decided to add some short puffy sleeves which I hadn't initially planned. Easily doable since I ha

Octobre goals

The first week of the month is nearly over and I still haven't posted my plans for it, maybe a sign that I won't get that much done? It is going to be another busy month for sure, we will be shuffling furniture again as most of the insulation work should be completed. I'm still hopeful to steal some sewing time here and there so I'll write a list anyway! Quilting 1. Mini series SAL - hoping to grow my collection 2. Super Mario quilt -  needs binding finished off (not even the full binding! And gazillions of threads buried)  Will it finally be finished this year? 3. Farmer's Wife quilt - about 30 blocks needed still, it would be so nice to gift it to my mum for Christmas. 4. Storm at Sea - a small one to quilt but hopefully it will be done before the end of the year.  5. Dear Jane 6. Impromptu quilt - needs quilting. It is a very big quilt so I went to get it professionally quilted. Maybe it will get sent this month... or maybe not still Dressmaking 1 .  Utility coat

September in review

  I was planning to write this post over the weekend but we've had such a busy time trying to get wall paper off the walls of my youngest's bedroom that there was no time or energy left... September has been such a busy month really and very little time for sewing actually. First of all, school started back... We had friends visiting from the UK for a week, it was so good to finally see them as this was the third attempt, 2 previous times were canceled because of covid.  I went to London for a few days for work too. And now we've started the roof insulation on this other side of the house, which means that we've been emptying 2 bedrooms and moving furniture around again... what fun! In the midst of all of that, I managed to finally finished my Flabellum quilt. This was long overdue as all it needed was the binding which had prepared before or house move.  I joined the Mini Series Quilt Along and so far I've been keeping up, I've even managed 2 extra blocks.  I a