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Very Important WIP

As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying to catch the train again for some of the quilt-along I started, although for this particular one, the train has already reached its destination without me in October. Anyway, back in the Spring I started the Farm Girl Vintage quilt-along from Lori Holt with the idea of making a quilt for my kids childminder who will retire at Christmas. Plenty of blocks but plenty of time, starting that early. Apart that I completely fell off track in July and didn't touch it at all since then, even though I had a few blocks already prepared. So another one where I have decided to play catch up! I am trying to make blocks about one every day in the hope that the quilt will be finished on time to be gifted... Wish me luck... So in the last few days, I have managed to finish 3 more blocks released in May and June! Chicken Foot Cool Threads Corn and Tomatoes So I now have 9 blocks for this quilt, I think there are 45 in total but I am not goin

Catching up

It has been a looong time. Life has been busy, very busy and I haven't had time for anything really. There has been a lot of travelling as a family and alone, for leisure and for work. There has been important milestones with Hubby and I turning 40 the same week-end. There has been great sadness at watching the world go mad, especially in my home country with the attacks on Paris. There has been a lot of work and little time to do anything else. There has been an awful bug last week-end which has sent us all but hubby to bed and made me faint a couple of times. But finally, I have had special time with my sewing machine again after so long. Of course, with such a busy time in the last few months, I have fallen behind in a lot of my projects (not that my list is never over-stretched in the first place anyway!) but little by little I have been catching up. I have of course starting with blocks for bees as I owed quite a few. And of course, because I never travel without a needle

November goals

Life is just so crazy busy at the moment that I haven't posted my goals for November yet, already lost nearly 4 days! I am finally back home for more than one night. I haven't slept in my own bed for more than 2 nights in a row since mid October... Anyway, let's have a look at what I could/need/want to make in November. Hoping for Finishes! 1.     Advent Wreath - top made, now need quilting and binding.  This will be my goal for  A lovely year of Finishes 2.  M r Snowmen cushion - quilted! need embroidery, buttons and finishing - no progress Bee Blocks  1.  I love Lucy international  block (November)  2.  Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap ( October and  November )   3.   Book Bee ( September, October,  and  November )  4.  Flying geese Bee  5. Fat Stash Bee (October)  6. Bee Hive (October  and  November )  7. Bubble Bee ( October  and  November )  8. Bee Europa (November) WIP 1.    Quilt for M  2. Sep