Friday, 16 April 2010

Holiday report - my Tunisian Klosjes

A break for a week in (not so sunny or warm) Tunisia was our programme last week. A full week by the seaside with DH, our 2 young children and Mum and her friend to relax and chill out.

A visit to Tunis, Sidi Bou Said and Carthage and all these magnificent doors, the lovely blue and white colours everywhere...
What do you do in such a different atmosphere, when for once you have some time to play (really with 2 kids...?). Temptation and Valentina's appeals got the best out of me... I explored my scrap box before leaving for holidays in case I decided to try and do a few of these little spools, the very famous "Klosjes", just for the fun of it. I started by making 3 prototypes with different size middle square to make sure I would end up with spool and not a bow tie.

I decided to go for the right hand side pattern and managed to sew 11 during my holidays. Because they require so little fabric, it is easy to make them out of your scrapbox. It was so nice, while sewing them to think about what I had used the fabric for. A trip down the memory lane. I have more ready to be sewn and tomorrow I suppose is Klosjes Saturday, let see if I can sew so more.Time to get started on the Friday Night Sew-In now or I won't have anything to report tomorrow.
Good night!


  1. O MY Goodness, They are so cute! Celine, I knew you would enjoy them... I wish you many many more! and what a beautiful souvenir of your trip. :)

    I love the blue door and how your blog matches the sea...
    Happy you have a lovely break, and welcome back, my friend!

  2. What a beautiful klosjes! They look wonderful. Enjoy making them: so do I!

  3. Hi Celine, Valentina sent me here. She is so sweet to trotting around the Globe spreading her energy. I hope you had a lovely holiday in Tunisia. I used to lived in the Middle East and North Africa and I love those Arabic doors too. Welcome to the Klosjes world. I'm in it too. Hope you will come and visit my blog when you have a chance. Hugs Nat

  4. Just come over from Valentina's! Hello from England, where the sun is shining, which believe me, is unusual LOL
    Love your work and look forward to seeing more, best wishes Kath at Railway cottage

  5. Those doors are beautiful! And I love your klsojes. They are very addictive, so be warned! :-)

  6. My in-laws recently visited Tunisia and they loved it!

  7. Welcome to the klosjes' gang ... once you start making them you just can't stop!


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