Thursday, 5 May 2011

One finish - time two

About 5 years ago I made a "Jeu de l'Oie" wall hanging from a pattern in "Marie-Claire Idees" for the birth of my friend's daughter. The "Jeu de l'Oie" is a traditional French board game.

The quilt took a few months to make as I did all the applique in each individual "square" by hand. She received her present when she was about 6-month old.
My friend hanged it in her daughter's bedroom. However they remodelled their house about 2 years ago and the quilt was too big for her new bedroom wall. As there was quite a large "border" around the quilt, my friend asked if I could trim the quilt to a smaller size. Of course I agreed and took the quilt back to reduced its final size. I took the binding off and trimmed the quilt off last year in the Spring. I then sew the binding back on again. Once the binding was on, I realised that I had stitched it to the back of the quilt rather than the front. I hate unpicking so I decided to try a decorative stitch on the front to finish the binding. Well, it looked awful and I really hated it. I only did half of the side length but the binding was moving slightly and the stitches were not consistant so that meant more unpicking to do :-( I was so annoyed with myself that I put the quilt aside and didn't touch it again until about a month ago when I was determined that the quilt would go back with my friend next time we saw each other (which was planned for last week-end). I took the quilt with me when we travelled back to France for our holidays and spent the journey unpicking my horrible decorative stitch. When that was finally over, I could sew the binding back on, making sure I put it on the front of the quilt this time. I blind stitched it on the way to our week-end and finished it off during the week-end so that I could finally hand it back (about half an hour before we all left).
Anyway, I am really pleased that I could hand it back over to my friend and that meant I could also cross this long standing UFO off my list. This is also my first OPAM for this month.

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