Friday, 21 December 2012

A little pouch

I don't blog much these days, and I don't sew much either actually...
Our house extension is still not finished, far from it since we still don't have a kitchen or a main bathroom at the moment. I have finished packing my sewing room last week-end so that the wall could come down on Saturday. So all my sewing stuff is now scattered in the house - wherever there is some space left. It is still chaos and it is getting quite annoying I must say. The kids have had enough and we finally did put the tree up last night, they were delighted. I had promised we would as soon as the floor had been laid down so I couldn't come back on my promise!

If you are looking for the sign-ups for the FQ solids swap, please go there.
Anyway before my sewing room was packed up I made a small pouch for our tablet.

I had cut it out in the summer to try to make a very fancy one but gave up because it wouldn't work the way I wanted to!

 So I picked up my cut pieces again (that I uncovered while packing everything :-) ) and decided to go for a straightforward simple pouch that would serve its purpose, protect the tablet (and mainly the screen) when we travel with it. And I am very proud to say that it is all finished and used! My first OPAM for December, hopefully not the last one though.

I have also been busy in my non-existent kitchen baking a Christmas yule log. The kids had been asking for one since early December so I decided to bit the bullet and go for it! And we got there!
And we also made some Lebebkuchen biscuits and will do some cookies for teacher tonight. Not bad without a kitchen as such. now fingers crossed, the kitchen is FINALLY installed this week-end.

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  1. It sounds like you deserve a medal! We have building works planned for the new year and I can't begin to think about it yet, it will take 8 weeks minimum and I won't have a sewing space. Any survival tips gratefully received!


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