Sunday, 22 December 2013

Last minute Christmas gifts

Work has been really made and I have spent more evenings that I wanted working rather than relaxing/sewing. So my hand-made gifts were really really last minute this year.
First I made my annual Lebkuchen for the kids' teachers (the night before school finished!) and then I made another big batch on Friday to distribute to the family, so I think I made about 250 and about 96 mini mince pie in about 24 hours! We shouldn't go hungry!

I had planned to give hand-made gifts to my Mum and mother-in-law that I hadn't started until last Wednesday. About 2 years ago I had bought all I needed to make some tote bags but the whole bag of supplies and pattern had been stashed away ever since. I got it out last week to make a start, and I must say I am never better than when I have a tight deadline! I managed this gorgeous cat tote bag for my mother-in-law, I hope she likes it and find it useful.

with a lovely black and white polka dots inside

Using the same pattern again, I made this cute Scottie bag for my Mum with a pocket on each side this time.

with a brown and white polka dot lining.
And I also squeezed in an infinity scarf for a friend with some Anna-Maria Horner voile and a seamist batik fabric that I had left over from a UFO I am finishing this month. I used 1 and 1/2 length of voile for the scarf that I cut 9' wide. It is quite long, maybe too long. I might cut my next one slightly shorter.

3 hand-made Christmas gifts in 24 hours and 3 more OPAMs! Not bad going.
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  1. Great bags - they'll surely be useful, you can never have too many tote bags!

  2. Thank you for your blog. Your bags are awesome. I know you are bust but when you can. Can you please tell me what the car fabric is and where I can find some. I love it! My email is: Thank you Enjoy your Christmas Di x

  3. Sorry about the typo's It should read busy instead of bust! Obviously I meant cat fabric LOL. That will teach me to write in a hurry!


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