Monday, 5 May 2014

Farmer's wife progress and linky party

I made no blocks in March so it wasn't that difficult to do better in April! So in my quest to meet the 350-blocks challenge, I managed to finish 5 new blocks.
Block [84] - Spool
Block [92] - Streak of Lightning
Block [103] - Whirlwind has disappeared
Block [107] - Windblown Square
Blocks [109] - Windows
With these 5 additional blocks, I have reached a grand total of 30 blocks. And this also means that I have made more than a quarter of the blocks, small progress but a little milestone! I have lost one of my newly sewn block in my freshly tidied sewing room. How ironic is that, I guess chaos can be organised sometimes! I hope it will resurface one day or another, there is still time anyway until I am ready to put the quilt top together :-)
Have you made any progress on your blocks? Link up here if you wish


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  1. Nice colors for your blocks. A good idea to have a challenge!


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