Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A new bag from an old UFO

So I finished a UFO at the end of February... and of course it feels good. Even if it is a "finished is better than perfect!". And even more so because I need a new bag and this one was nearly finished.

So why, could you ask, did it take me 5 years to finish it? I started this bag in 2011 selecting an outside fabric from IKEA and the lining from my stash

I created my own design based on my specific needs for my train commute, with pockets for my ticket, my work pass and my phone. Well my phone has changed in the mean time, I don't commute on the train anymore and I don't need a work pass anymore... And when I started, I did quite well, I made the outside
and the lining back in February 2011
and then I got stuck.... I wanted to close the bag with a zip but I wanted to give it some " space" so I started to prepare the zip and the 2 panels for the top.... and stashed away the whole think for a while because I wasn't quite sure what and how to do it... I got it out a few times but never really looked into it again until Sunday when I decided that it needed to be finished then and there (partly also because I really need a new bag, mine are all worn out). So I got all the pieces out. looked at the zip idea again and decided against it. Instead I have added a band that goes over the top of the bag.

Not as secured but enough for what I will use it now. And the handle is too long because I didn't have any hardware available but never mind, it is FINISHED and I can use it.... after 5 years in waiting.

Of course, I need another bag "bigger, more secure etc" but I haven't even started it so this one will do in the meantime!

So glad to have a second OPAM for February and to be able to cross one more of my Finish Along Q1 List as well as my Lazy Bums challenge for February!
Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday, Finish Along Q1.


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  1. Well done on finishing such a long-term WIP! It's a great bag. Thank you for participating in the 2016 FAL, on behalf of the global FAL hosts :o)


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