Wednesday, 8 February 2017

30 days of the 100-day Challenge

A month has passed already since I joined Jen for the 100 day challenge and decided to focus on 3 projects to progress (hmmm.....)

The 3 projects I selected were:
1. Hello Kitty quilt for my niece - squares all cut - no pogress at all on this one...

2. Farmer's Wife blocks -I had 30 blocks already and was planning to make 30 more by April. Well I am happy to report that I have made 15 bocks so far!

3. Project 48 -  I had 17 blocks already and I was planning to finish all 48 blocks by April,. I made 5 more, still a lot to do!

But of course, I have diverted my attention and worked on a lot of other projects too. Good time to refocus I guess!

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  1. its always good when you make a little progress !! but with so many projects that we want to do its hard to stay focused on one thing !!

  2. I know that are plugging along and then all of a sudden here is this new project you just have to work on!

  3. Good progress is being made. Well done.


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