Monday, 6 March 2017

60 days of the 100 challenge

Well, the challenge started already 2 months ago (where does the time disappear?) and looking back, it seems that I have massively lost focus in February.... But then there has been the multiple birthday parties and a week away as well!

1. Hello Kitty quilt for my niece - squares all cut - no pogress at all on this one...

2. Farmer's Wife blocks - no progress at all this month so I still need 15 blocks to meet the challenge...

3. Project 48 -  only 1 block this month, taking my total to 23 out of 48.... not even half way yet 

It is really time to turn my attention back to these projects or I won't meet any of my 3 challenges.... 40 days left, let's see if I can make progress on these or if I continue to digress.

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  1. Good luck on achieving your goals. It looks like you have your days filled up. ;^)

  2. I love the fabrics you are using.

  3. Even one extra block is progress! The nudge of a check-in is always welcome too :)

  4. Those look like some fun projects! every little bit counts, just keep swimming.


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