Sunday, 29 September 2019

One finish and one post....

The desolate state of my blog is rather reflective of the state of my sewing this month. Simply I have hardly done anything... there has been a lot of work and very little time to sew, more business travelling too which takes time and energy. But finally this week-end, I managed to make one piece from the fabric I had cut very early this month. I had planned to try the Barrett Bralette pattern by Madalynne which is a free pattern. I had cut out the pieces and then realised I needed to order some elastic, which I did! And when the elastic came, it was time to go away.
Finally last night I had some free time and decided to pick this project hoping it would be easy and quick. Well, the bralette comes together rather quickly and simply if you read the instructions correctly. Being jet-lagged didn't help for sure... but I managed to finish my bralette. It is not perfect but it fits me and that what matters in the end.
Whether I will wear it a lot remains to be seen but that is down to personal preference not to the pattern!

I used scraps from a lovely jersey fabric I bought in the summer to make a Sirocco jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is cut but needs assembling... who knows maybe soon?

My one and only OPAM for September and one of my Q3 FAL list.


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