Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Sunglasses pouches

A little while ago, I offered to one of my friend to make a few sunglasses pouches for a fundraising fair that she'll be doing at the end of November.  And of course, time is flying by and I hadn't made much progress... last weekend I finally picked up the ones I had cut in October ready to be assembled and went ahead. 
And during the week, I spent some time knotting and burying the threads (you can't backstitch on faux leather really). I also made the slits for the ribbon. 
And after a few days, I finally had a few pieces ready to go! 
That gives me a few more OPAM for November, and also for my Q4 FAL list as well as my OMG project for November. 

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  1. Hi Celine! These are just perfect eyeglass holders for a fundraiser. I'll bet your friend is just tickled pink, so to speak, with how many you made for her. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I was surprised to see them made with faux leather. What a good gift idea too. I could add a pair of Dollar Tree sunglasses and have happy grandchildren.

  3. I like these! Perfect to protect the glasses without being too bulky


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