Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Boho Heart HST

 Week 2 of the Boho Heart quilt-along (early February) was all about HST. The blocks were not necessarily difficult but I didn't get to them until the last week of Febraury and I am still sadly 2 blocks short... Here are the ones I have made so far. 


16-patch HST

9-patch HST

Pinwheel Courthouse

Shoo Fly

And 3 simple HST

And while working on these pink blocks, I also made 2 pink blocks for my 365 Challenge quilt
13 May

and 12 June

All of these blocks were from February.

I am very much behind with this quilt-along now, I doubt I will catch up...



  1. Catching up isn't really necessary I find, as long as you simply don't stop. These blocks are wonderful! Love the variety of pinks. I encourage you to keep going because the result will be lovely. Thanks for sharing on my Wednesday Wait Loss linkup.

  2. What a bounty of pink blocks. They are looking great. Don't be discouraged.. just keep sewing away. Is it really a race? I love what you've done so far.


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