Thursday, 28 May 2009

Not much sewing done

I haven't posted any news for nearly a week now, time flies! The week-end in France was busy but very pleasant. We celebrated my brother's 30th birthday with the family on Saturday before his "big" party in the summer. AND I have finally got an idea for a present for him but I can't say much more in case he came around to visit my blog, who knows! It won't be a quilt but will be crafty, I will let you know more after the party! I had made him a memory quilt for his 25th birthday 5 years ago. I printed pictures of his loved ones and his passions in life (trucks, tractors, etc). The quilt was single size so he could use it in his lorry when he was sleeping on the road. Unfortunately the pictures faded very quickly even before the quilt was washed. Anyway here is a picture of the quilt just after it was completed.

I have also spent most of yesterday trying my hand at digital photo collage to produce an invit for my brother's party in the summer. I had fun and am now waiting for his feedback to see if he likes what I produced, bearing his passions in mind!

More on my recent activies later as my daughter is hungry...


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