Monday, 18 May 2009

What am I working on?

Well, maybe to complete my presentation I should give you an insight in my on-going projects as there are a few. I like to keep busy but am not sure I can always keep up though.
Lately I finished the little trapunto quilt below for the May challenge on BQL

I also took part to two classes from quiltuniversity which offers online classes, great when you are somehow house-bound for a little while.

I signed up for Colour Companions by Carol Miller and made 4 blocks (out of 5) so far. The last lesson was on 8 May so I am running a little behind... The first block I made was a monochromatic block with violet as my chosen colour:

For the second block, we played with complementarity, so the colours in my block were violet and yellow:
The third block was a play on slit complementarity, I used violet, red-violet, blue-violet and yellow in my block:

And the last block I have made so far is using an analogous scheme with violet, red-violet and blue-violet fabrics:

I still have the last block to do and then I will need to put the blocks together and finish the quilt one day.

I had pieced the top below at the 2007 Mystery Night organised by the Bramble Patch using colours that my Auntie likes as I was planning to finish it and give it to her for her 60th birthday (it is actually tomorrow).

I didn't like the look of the finished top so I have taken all the blocks apart. I am now with a pile of 25 square blocks (12'') and I wonder wherther I will take some of them apart still. I want to set the blocks on point with setting triangles in between to have a bigger top and separate the blocks. I haven't decided on the colour for the setting triangles yet. The quilt will surely not be finished for her birthday but it will hopefully be a belated birthday present for her in a couple of months time. I will let you know how (or if) I make any progress!

Ok there are lots of other on-going or planned projects as well but I will post about those later. Time to go to bed now.


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  1. Welcome to blogland, Celine! You are making better progress with your BQL challenge this month than I am - think I may give it a miss entirely - naughty of me, I know, but that's the way it sometimes goes...


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