Monday, 19 September 2011

Lazy Sunday...

Yesterday morning was karate grading and Big Boy did very well getting his full grade and a new red and black belt. During the grading (which last for 2 hours as it is all color belts at the same time - up to brown), I managed to finish one of my hexies for Natalie for the Inchy Hexie Swap. I need to do the second one before I can ship them to Australia.

I also picked up my "Life is Beautiful" block to do some more stitching. When we got back in the afternoon I was so tired - again :-( that I slept for 2 hours so the afternoon went by very quickly. In the evening I watched a (new to me) series as Downtown Abbey season 2 was starting. I haven't watched season 1 so it was a bit hard to understand the relationship at times but it was an interesting series. I think I will carry on watching it over the next Sundays. At the moment it is featuring the Battle of the Somme with its enormous casualties, sad as this is the place I am originally from and it is mostly known for these terrible atrocities. While watching the program, I managed to almost finish stitching my block, only have the quote left to stitch now. I hope I will manage to finish block #2 this month. It would be good to aim to stitch one block a month, I don't think I can't really manage more than that at the moment. Anyone else stitching this blocks? Maybe we could do this together?

And to finish off a picture of the karate-ka and his little sister at the end of the grading.


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