Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Playing with little tree

I have started playing with the little trees from the "Little Tree quilt-along" this week. I thought I would trial the method with a larger tree that I was planning to use in a Mug Rug for a swap on the craft forum. My partner asked for green so it was perfect for the tree. I used Ariane's Crafts method of a triangle in a square to make my tree and it is very easy to follow and comes out nicely.
My tree is bigger than the "original" quilt, it measures 5' x 6.5' unfinished or 4.5' x 6' finished. The triangle in a square was a 4.5' square finished or 5' unfinished. The bottom strip is 2' unfinished and the trunk was a 2' square unfinished. I had this lovely bear fabric that I used for the trunk as if a teddy was sitting at the bottom of the tree.

To finish my mug rug, I added some strips of green fabric to the right of the tree, increasing in value and width (starting with a 1.25' and finishing with a 2' strip). And because I didn't my tree to be on the border of the Mug Rug, I added a very tiny strip of dark green to the left side of the tree.

For the backing I had fabric from IKEA which I thought was in keeping with the theme and colour scheme.

Quilting was in the ditch for the strips and echo-quilting for the tree. (I'll try to get a better picture soon as this is too bright and doesn't show the quilting, although it is visible on the picture above of the backing!)

Et voila, a finished mug rug that I had fun making and I also like how it turned out if I can say so myself! Second OPAM in the same week-end, I am on a roll!
Hope my partner likes her little rug. This was my first attempt at Mug Rug so far but I enjoyed it very much and am thinking it could make a great present.
Now I can make more trees, smaller size for the quilt-along as the assignment for the first week is to sew half of them by Friday. Better get going.


  1. Your mug rug is super cute! I really love it. I think that fabric you used for the trunk is totally awesome. Mug rugs are so fun, because you can practice your quilting on something small and not too scary. Thanks for sharing this! Can't wait to see more from you.

    I really must get to an Ikea someday...I just love every fabric I see from them.

  2. I'm so glad you liked my tutorial for triangle in a square! Your mug rug is adorable. I love it!! Hugs Ariane


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