BOM Rehab

Not much progress to report for me this Monday. My Mum came to stay with us for 2 days over the week-end so I was out of my sewing room while she was here. And the kids have had a bug (again) with quite a lot of temperature and seriously disturbed nights (and it is not over yet unfortunately) so I haven't had much time at the sewing machine.
I did very little on my Just Takes 2 again.
I finished the very easy block #28 - 20 pieces
Total pieces for the finished blocks = 647

and joined blocks #19 and#20 that I finished last week-end to the rest of the blocks I have so far to create this big piece.
Well, I can't wait for the kids to be back to good health and good nights really!


  1. It is amazing that you have made as much progress as you have with being as busy as you are! Thanks for being in the Rehab with me!!!


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