Monday, 7 May 2012

Just Takes 2

I tried to catch up further with my Just Takes 2 blocks this week-end but I haven't been as productive as the previous week-end.
I started with block #17 which is paper-pieced. Although I decided to do the flying geese with the no-waste method rather than paper piecing. I am not sure it was a good idea as there were small size geese. After that I assembled my block the wrong way so had to rip off but I ripped off the wrong seam first... Anyway finally here ismy slightly wonky block #17 , started on Friday and finished on Sunday, with its 57 pieces.
I then made more geese for block #24 again with the no-waste method, 24 pieces.
I also pieced block #18 but haven't applique the melons as yet so this one doesn't count as a finished block yet. I'll add the applique next time we go away. Easy transportable project.
Next block is the lovely feathered star #19 which is big and complex so I went at it very slowly, cutting my pieces as I went along. I haven't finished it yet but have done the center and the feathers so far. I have finished off my first metre of background fabric now. I have another 3 metres piece that I ordered last month. We'll see how far this will take me.
Total pieces for the finished blocks = 480 pieces

This is all for my BOM Rehab this week, I was hoping to nearly finish all the smaller blocks for the first quarter of the quilt but I still need a few week-ends to catch up it seems...
Until next time!


  1. sometimes we think we are doing the right thing... then we are not so sure!! looks good to me xx

  2. I love seeing all of your progress over here Celine! Good work in the Rehab/nice seeing you there!hehe

  3. I am visiting to see how the rehab is going for others, I was not able to complete any blocks this week. Your blocks are so detailed and they do look amazing. I will have to have a little more experience before giving blocks like that a try. Great progress from my view.


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