Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mushrooms are growing!

So this week-end, I had planned to do a lot of sewing and of course, that didn't happen. But I did lots of other things too! First I tried out to make some macaroons, and this time it worked well! They won't have time to go mouldy that's for sure!
DH decided to clear the garage today so I helped a little before re-organising a part of the office/sewing room. I uncovered so many UFOs in the process, I am almost ashamed! If only I could finish one this year, that would be so good. I haven't finished a UFOs for months. I also uncovered so many bee blocks in piles, waiting to be put together... Another task on the to-do list!

Until I have time for those, I also finished last week my bitty blocks that I was making in March. I started them on time and then I missed the deadline, and I must admit that I completely forgot about them until I found them recently, half-finished. Well although I am very late, I am glad that they are now ready to go to my swap partners.
And I also made some progress on my Impromptu Quilt for the Impromptu Quilt-Along with Katy. This is one for the Me me me Bee as this quilt is for my bed. I am using fabric from the Liberty Stile collection with some Makower White. I just love Liberty fabric so I couldn't possibly part with this one! I have now framed all the big squares and made a start on the 9-patch blocks
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  1. Oooh, naughty Celine, lots of UFO's (but then haven't we all!), thx for linking up :o)


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