Monday, 16 January 2017

A few more blocks

In the evenings, sewing time is limited so I find it easier to make one block or two, if I am lucky! I seem to have had a good run in the last week or so.

Project 48 - block 41
One last "bonus" bee block for our Mama Bee Jan
Quite a few more blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt - I am on a roll with this one but then I have lots of blocks to do so I need to stay focused on it!
3 - [Basket]
5 - [Bat Wing]
8 - [Bouquet]
13 - [Buckwheat]

 14 - [Butterfly at the Crossroads]
15 - [Buzzard's Roost]

25 - [Cups and Saucer]
26 - [Cut Glass Dish]
34 - [Flock]

35 - [Flower Basket]

51 - [Hovering Birds]

54 - [Kitchen Woodbox]

55 - [Linoleum]

One Dear Jane block too after so many years! 
E-10 - Five and Dime - let's hope it won't be the only one this year....

And also the last block for my Wanta Fanta quilt, since I am getting gifted a block too.

An additional 17 blocks this week to take my January total to 27, not bad for the first half of the year!
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  1. Wow Celine - I love my Bee block! And your Farmer's Wife blocks are amazing! I haven't been around blogland much but s glad I stopped by to see all this gorgeous eye candy! xo

  2. wow that's a pretty amazing total for the week !! especially with those tiny Farmer's Wife blocks :)

  3. I think that is a great total for the week. Nicely done.


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