Tuesday, 18 April 2017

100 day challenge - results!

Well, the challenge is over, the 100 days have passed a few days ago! Time to check the focus of the last 100 days

So back in January I selected 3 projects I really want to focus on and make progress on. Of course, since then lots has happened.... including new projects that I just couldn't resist! I also managed to finish some quilts and make myself some clothes. And it's been a busy time at work and with the family too! Time to look at the 3 projects now...

1. Hello Kitty quilt for my niece - squares all cut - no progress at all on this one during the 100 days of the challenge

2. Farmer's Wife blocks - I had 30 blocks at the beginning of the challenge and I am now at 48! Still a long way to go with 111 blocks in total...

3. Project 48 -  I didn't make all the blocks from this quilt-along but I made all the blocks I wanted to make.

So one with no progress, one with just over half of the progress I was planning/hoping for and one completed. Not too bad overall but I could do with another round!

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  1. well done, even the thought of committing to a 100 day challenge, I find rather daunting.

  2. Shiny new projects are always more appealing than those lurking in the cupboard, but I think you made sterling progress on your challenge projects! Well done you :)

  3. I'm with Celtic Thistle - its always hard to keep on with older projects when there are so many distracting shiny new things to make !!


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