Sunday, 2 April 2017

Q1 FAL review

The first quarter of the year is over and we are now into spring, when the days turn longer (yeah!) The baking marathon for the kids' birthdays is (nearly) over too! I had as usual quite a long list to start the year and I am pleased to report that I have crossed quite a few (big) items on it. Big because they took me out of my comfort zone, big time (dressmaking!), big because they are physically big (quilts) and big because they had been gathering dust/taking up space for a while (UFOs).

1. Medaillon quilt - Finished! after over 10 years as a UFO!

2.  Quilt for E - HK QAL - all cut, it would be good to have it done for her birthday in April

3. Wanta Fanta - only one more block needed - can I get it finished for A's official birthday end of February? - finished

4. Elephant quilt - all the elephants are finished, only a few more blocks needed - can I get the quilt finished for C's birthday in February? - finished

5. Super Mario quilt - a few blocks still needed - can I get it finished for M's birthday in March? - no progress

6. Pillow case for all 3 kids for their birthday - 2 Frozen and 1 with guitar - done

7. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago! - no progress

8. Pumpkin Passport Cross stitch - some good progress but still some work to do!

9. Toaster sweater 1 - finished and wearable too!

10. Toaster sweater 2 - finished and wearable!

11. Saunio cardigan - cut and started

12. Floral Supply Case Sew Along - 
not started

13. Bean bag for M -  finished

14. Bean bag for C - not started

15. Bean bag for A 
not started

A few different projects this quarter, stretching out of my comfort zone! so 15 projects is more than enough and as well a few UFOs

Linking to Q1 Finish Along.


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  1. You really did achieve a lot last/this quarter. I look forward to seeing your next list


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