Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sorbetto top

Another Colette pattern! but this one a free one with a quilt-along. I like the style of the Sorbetto top and it came as a free pattern on Colette's website and a sew-along. Of course, I had to jump in! I bought some crepe and organza fabric that I was planning to use to make it.

But then when I read the sew-along instructions (I jumped in after it started), I read about the muslin (frankly, who has time for a muslin) and also about all the alterations that might be needed... and finally decided that a cotton/muslin first try would make sense.

I cut the pattern and sew the top quickly and sure enough when I tried it, I thought it didn't fit me that well. So after more trying and measuring (I always seem to measure myself fatter than what I am in reality), I ended up taking it apart completely, cutting the pieces one size down and doing a small bust adjustement. Wow! Never thought I'd understand or manage that one but then the sew-along explanations were really good.
 I sew it back together and the next steps was to add the sleeves... that caused me some trouble too as my sleeves were (a lot) bigger than my armholes.... Anyway again the sew along instructions helped to fix that one too!
Next was to sew the binding on the neckline. I learned how to make continuous bias binding. And it was a lot easier than I thought (even without a bias tape maker) and adding the bias to the neckline was easier too! And finally the hem that was the easy part!
I am pleased with my Sorbetto and it is wearable too! On top of that I now have a pattern that fits me to make my next one. I am glad I went for the muslin/cotton option first as it would have been a lot harder to make the fitting on a crepe garment.

Just needs a bit more warmth to enjoy my new top!
One more OPAM this month and one that I can strike off my list Q2 Finish Along List.

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  1. I can always make these things in my head, but when it comes to reality I get a bit unstuck. Rather like drawing, I can draw really well in my head, less so in real life


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