Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Constellations PJ

As is often the case, I had planned/hoped for lots of sewing at the weekend. But of course, real life means very little happened.... between baking birthday cakes (again), playing taxis for the kids and the rest of it, I barely sat at my sewing machine BUT I did some batch cutting!
And I hadn't realised how much cutting I had done over the week-end until I started adding it all up yesterday to count more than 50 pieces! I cut 3 pairs of pyjamas, one Berlin tee, one Givre tee and part of a Blackwood cardigan. Plenty of choices of what to sew first, right? All the pieces are jersey fabric so perfect to whip through the overlocker quickly but sadly mine is still not fixed.

I recently bought a lovely Jersey called Cassiopee by Stof, perfect for a stargazer and  I really wanted to gift a new pair of pyjamas to my eldest daughter as a late birthday present so I started with that one first.
I added white ribbing for the cuffs and waistband
 And about one hour and a half after I started sewing, all on my sewing maching, I had a lovely new pair of pyjamas all finished.  Top
 And bottom
 Ready to be worn and loved!
 Pattern is once more the tried and trusted 11th Hour Gear by New Horizons Design.
And one more off my Q1 FAL. Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.


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