Saturday, 2 March 2019

Elephants PJ

My middle daughter is growing so fast that most of her clothes get too small so quickly... She really needs new pyjamas at the moment and I had bought a stash of jersey a little while ago (like about 18 months....) just for that purpose but had not yet used it. I finally got a few of them out for her to choose and she picked this lovely bright orange with elephants. 
Making a pair of pyjamas is easy and fast, especially with a good pattern (which I have, I think this pj is my 8th one with this pattern!) and an overlocker (which I normally have but is ill at the moment). I debated whether to wait until said overlocker was fixed or not and once the pieces were cut, I just couldn't wait to make her this cheerful new pyjamas. 
So off I went to my sewing machine and assembled all the pieces over 2 evenings. I used a lovely rainbow ribbing that I bought online and that she picked for the waistband and cuffings. 
She hates any kind of labels against her skin as she finds them itchy so I picked 2 words from the jersey fabric to make labels with, just for her!
A happy girl with a new pair of pyjama that fits her and a happy mum who has used some of her stash and finished one more project in February (too late to blog!). One more of my Q1 FAL list too.


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