Monday, 3 June 2019

Panda PJ again

Sometimes, when things don't work, they really don't work..... An easy pair of pyjama from a pattern I have now used over 10 times just turned out to be like that.... and as a result, it took about 3 months to finish it...

I had planned 2 pairs of panda PJ, when I cut the fabric a few months ago and made both tops quite quickly. I also started the both pants then and finished the whole PJ for my youngest daughter very quickly.
It was a different story for the second one... Because my black jersey doesn't have a right side/wrong side, I ended up with 2 left legs. I hate unpicking so I parked it for another time. The time finally came in May, when I got so sick of having it hanging around in my sewing room. Of course, after all the unpicking I was extra careful when I sew the legs pieces togethger (made even harder by the fabric that kept rolling on the edge). It didn't take long to have the pants finally sewn, ready for the cuffs and waistband. And this where I went wrong again, sewing the waistband on the right side of the fabric....
My daughter liked it and wanted me to keep the mistake but, despite the prospect of more unpicking, I decided against it and sew it back to wrong side.
Finally a finished pair of PJ until I noticed that the seams on the ribbing for the waistband were matching the centre front and the centre back, not the side seams. This is the point where I gave up and decided to keep it as it was. My daughter has been wearing and enjoying it already and no, I won't unpick again.
One of my Q2 FAL finally crossed off!


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