Thursday, 27 June 2019

Secret pyjama!

When the theme for the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge was announced in March, I wasn't sure I would participate. Jumpsuit? Really aimsand how to you go to the toilet without ending up naked? Really jumpsuits were not my thing I thought,  besides I hadn't worn anything remotely similar since I was 15! I had put it on my Q2 FAL list in case temptation got the better off me.....

And then of course my IG feed started to fill with so many options.... so I thought maybe I could try a free pattern just to taste the water.  And then, the Zadie jumpsuit by Paper Theory was released and EVERYBODY was making one,  or so it seemed... plus I had a lovely double gauze in my stash that would be perfect.....
So I bought the Zadie pattern and cut the pieces a few weeks back. The construction is rather easy so it didn't take very long to build the body. The more fiddly for for me what the bias binding but that's probably my double gauze is so soft!
After a few evenings of sewing, I had made my first ever jumpsuit, and in time for the challenge too! 
Like everyone (I think!) who has tried this pattern, I love it! The only modification I did was to lengthen the legs by about 4', but then I am tall!
The fit is really relaxed and forgiving with the waist ties. 
Making it in double gauze is perfect for that secret pyjamas feel!
And it is really a secret pyjamas, having tested it this week on an overnight transatlantic flight in economy, I can confirm that it was really comfortable to wear!
One more OPAM for June and one of my Q2 FAL too.


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