Monday, 1 July 2019

July goals

Half of the year gone already, really? Is it me or is time going scarily faster and faster.... July is the start of the summer holidays here and I have quite a bit of travelling (business mainly) planned so I don't expect to have hours and hours to spend with my machine really but never mind, let's dream!

1. Continue to work on the Harry Potter sew-along . I am really behind now
2. Black and White quilt - only the binding to finish now....
3. 365 challenge, so many more blocks are needed, let's see if I can make a few . This is where I left off 3 years ago...
4. Dear Jane -  Row E needs to be completed this month (I need 4 more blocks) for the quilt-along  and since I didn't finish Row C in May, or Row D in June I need 9 blocks to catch up.
5. HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top 
6. Kingfisher Sew Along - prepare more blocks for sew on the go
7. Threadology quilt-along - make March to June blocks - so many to do to catch up

8. Vintage Kitchen - May and June blocks needed
9. Gipsy Wife - make more blocks 
10. FW 1920 - make more blocks 
11. FW 1930 - make more blocks 
12. Purple and blue quilt for my auntie
13. String blocks - top to be quilted
14. Project 48 quilts - blocks to be made in a top and quilted - this was my APQS challenge for April
15. Paper pieced horse from Tartan Kiwi book for my middle daughter  
16. Sewing room sign (paper pieced)

1. Tea dress 
2. Summit peak top, cut and ready to be sewn 
3. Puff Shirt or another office top
4. Linden or Toaster sweater in navy  
5. Fiore skirt  
6. Jasika Blazer
7. Free slack trousers  
8. Full PJ top for hubby  
9. Lingerie  
10. Seed combi short for the girls
11. Sirroco Jumpsuit
12. Summer dress

1. Carrier Conquest Handbag 
2. Book bag for teacher's presents 
3. Pencil case for my son
4. Pencil case for teacher's present
5. Card holder for my friends
6. Glasses case or card holders for teachers assistants
7. Bucket bag
8. Laptop sleeve - - this will be my One monthly goal for July
9. Passport holder
10. Large bag


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  1. Laptop sleeve sounds like a fun project. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


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