Friday, 19 July 2019

Another book bag

My son is leaving middle school and also the school he has been at since he started! He had the same form tutor for the last 2 years and she has been great. So we thought we would gift her a bag too. He picked the colour as she likes teal apparently.
I used exactly the same method as for the other one I made. Starting with 2 rectangles of outside fabric and 2 rectangles of lining fabric 15.5' by 13.5'. For the straps I used rectangles 1.25' by approximately 12'. 
The straps were made by placing the strips wrong side together and stitching on each side and in the middle. This particular one was quite difficult to sew as it really really stuck to even my teflon foot. The fabric has a suede aspect and doesn't glide at all.
Although this is a book bag, I thought it would look nicer with a boxed corners so I clipped a 1.5' square off the bottom corners on the main and lining fabrics and then assembled the bag outside and the bag lining. I left a rather large opening at the bottom of the lining bag for turning outside out.
I placed the outside bag, right side out, inside the lining wrong side out and sew along the top opening of the bag. I then turned everything right side out. With a lot of clips, I pushed the lining inside the bag and top stitched near the top to keep the lining in place inside the bag, then closed the opening at the bottom.
Et voila, a cute bag that I really liked and could have easily kept for myself!
Another OPAM, another one of my Q3 FAL list.

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