Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Sunglasses pouches

Continuing on the double theme of end of year presents for school and using up some of my large stash of faux leather, I found this cute tutorial on The Littlest Blog to make a lovely sunglasses pouch. I tried the first pattern with some green patterned fabric and it was so easy and fast to make!
 I used ribbon instead of a strip of leather fabric to close the pouch and decide to add a little label over the end of it to stop it fraying
 I really like this, the fabric patterns look like there is raindrops on it.
The second pattern has a triangular flap instead of a rounded one. This time I used a grainy lilac fabric. 
 I really like the look of this one too!
And because they were so fast to make I made a third one for my son's head of year with the same grainy lilac fabric and the rounded flap. 
 Definitely a fast make but also a lovely present!
 And here are the 3 pouches together. I can definitely see more of these in the future, maybe I'll even make one for me!
3 more OPAM for July and another off my Q3 FAL list
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  1. These are really nice! I'm always looking for a great glasses case, and these are so stylish


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