Friday, 29 May 2009

the fun of unpicking!

Well I didn't go shopping for fabric this morning. I was almost ready to go when my husband had a call from work saying he had to be on site today. No car for me so no shopping! Not sure what I filled my time with instead!

A little while back, I posted a picture of the pieced top below that I am planning to finish up as a birthday present for my Auntie on day.

I took the top apart back to the individual squares because I didn't like the look of it as it was put together about a week ago. Looking at my pile of 25 blocks, I felt some of the blocks still didn't work. I have finally decided that I don't like the two patterned fabrics next to each other so I am now unpicking some of my blocks to make them up differently. The 9-patch block was set on point and I am taking apart the set triangles to replace them by plain violet as on the picture below (the "planned" block is on the right):

I am also taking apart some of my pinwheels to replace the 2 triangles by the ones I am getting back from my 9-patch blocks if it make any sense (the "planned" block is on the right). The picture might be clearer than my explanations!

I really think/hope it will work better that way. What do you think?

It only means I have a lot more to unpick now and I must admit this is not my favorite thing. And it also probably means that the quilt will be finish even later...

I have also finally started to cut my pieces for the mystery quilt organised by Carol Honderich on the Chain-A-Spool group. I had cut some 4.5' strips from my green fabrics leftover from my Grand-Mum's 80th birthday quilt. I was planning to use them to make a baby quilt for one of my friend's baby. But I then decided that the green was not bright enough for a baby and it really wouldn't suit the quilt I was planning to make. Not sure what I was thinking when I cut the strips in the first place? Probably that I wanted the quilt made and didn't have other green fabric available in the house. Anyway, the strips are being further cut apart to be used soon hopefully. I have so far cut half of my 2' squares and this will be my progress for this month. I should start again early next month to try not to be too much behind!

We have friends over this week-end until Monday so no time for fabric related activities. It will be more chatting, cooking and enjoying their company! The weather is supposed to be nice, that would be great with 3 children up to 3 years old in the house for 3 days.

Hope you have a nice and fun week-end. See you next week.


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