Monday, 31 October 2011

Life is beautiful - stitcherie # 3

I didn't do much sewing at the week-end. My Mum and cousin were visiting so I had to pack up my sewing from the dining room. I usually do the sewing in the dining room because the room is lighter, but also, I am ashamed to say because the office/sewing room is in a bit of a mess. So on Saturday afternoon, I decided to tidy up the table and got everything out to put things away correctly. I then started to pull things out from under the table and from the side as well and I ended up pulling almost everything out. So my efforts at tidying up ended up with a big mess in the middle of the room! I went back in on Sunday and did manage to tidy and clear up almost everyting so now the floor is a lot tidier. I need to put away the fabric in my stash boxes now but at least that's an easy task! So in a way I am proud that I finally took the courage to sort everything out, something which was long overdue...

This last week, I also managed to stitch my block #3 for my Life is Beautiful quilt, as the title of this post hinted to. Here it is:
I am keeping at one block a month at the moment, which is great as this was my *realistic* goal for this quilt! I have already picked the block I will sticth in November so hopefully I'll have one more done at the end of next month. I haven't managed to start October's block of the Birdie stitches though and tomorrow November's block will be published. Too much to sew, too little time...


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about tidying.

    Mrs Jason decided to use the dining table this weekend as people were over, so I had to tidy up everything in the room.

    Was amazed to find 80% of the stuff was hers, but best not to mention it!


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