Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A new round robin

I was browsing  the internet late Sunday last week, blog hopping while I was trying to get Baby Daughter to sleep and came across the Mini Modern Mystery Round Robin hosted by Michele. Now I haven't done a round robin for years and I thought it be nice to join in but maybe I didn't need yet another project... However, there wasn't much time to think the pros and cons as the deadline for signing up was this exact day. Since the starting block was only a 6' size, I thought I'd join in and see what happens!
I was delighted to have an email from Michele the following day welcoming me in the group but I then had to decide of which centre block I was going to make. I had a vague idea to work from and draw a few blocks on paper last week (yes I know this is old-fashioned but I don't have EQ or some similar software!) and moved to fabric to produce the centre block below. As for the fabric I knew that was a great opportunity to use some aqua fabric I had acquired for the Bee I am in. So I went for the "coffee beans" in aqua, a hint of red and Moda Grey for the background.

I must say I like how it turned out even if it isn't perfect. Now I need to send it to the first player in my team.  Can't wait to see what it will be turned into but I'll have to wait until October or November when the Round Robin finishes as this is a mystery one.


  1. I like, I like. Yes it will be so much fun to see how all of these turn out in the end. I'm really glad you found my little party and joined up. We sure have a great group.


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