Sunday, 29 April 2012

From tea towels to peg bags and a giveaway

It is always nice to have a relaxing week-end with not too many plans and no mad rush from one activity to another, even more though when it is pouring down with rain and all you feel like doing is staying in nice and cosy. This was our week-end. It also meant that I actually did find some time to sit at the sewing machine!
After finishing a BQL challenge from August 2009, I thought I could have a go at the April 2012 one! This year the challenge is called "Patchwork with a Purpose" and we are making practical stuff. I hadn't participated so far until today. I choose to make a peg bag. I had these tea towels that I bought in our local supermarket a while ago to use for sewing one day...
Helped by Miss Strawberry Shortcake, I draw my peg bag to the size of the hanger I had.
I added a pretty little ribbon to the pocket before sewing the 3 pieces together.
It took about 30 minutes or less to complete the peg bag. Cleverly using the tea towels, I was able to use the hems for the top of my bag and one of the pocket so I only had the hem on the top pocket to sew.
After I made the first one as a gift for me! and seeing how quickly it had come together, I made another one that will be a gift to my Mum for Mother's Day, at the end of May in France.
2 more OPAM for me this month, I am on a roll!

There is still time for my giveaway, just leave me a comment on my post about swaps and you could win one of my Zakka sewing kit.


  1. LOvely peg bags. I bought some fabric to make myself a peg bag about 2 years ago. Guess what? I haven't made it yet! LOL I also bought some specific fabrics to make table runners or placemats for my table. You guessed it. Still haven't been done. No excuse now seeing as you are a busy mum and can find the time.

  2. I would love to hang my laundry outside but where I live the pollution is so great that the laundry smells gross afterwards. However, I may make a bag for something else.

  3. It looks very nice. I like the idee, perhaps a should make one myself. Have a nice day.


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