Monday, 30 April 2012

Just takes 2 - new blocks

Unit 9 will be released on Tuesday, starting at block #33 and I have only finished 11 blocks to date when I should/could have a quarter of my quilt done by now. I have done any block since early March. Well, better late than never, I got my fabrics and instructions out this week-end, deciding to make some progress on my BOM.
Last block I did in March was block #13, an easy flying geese strips (24 pieces), that I did with the no-waste method. It is a great way of making geese quickly and easily.
I finished block #10 that I started in March too. I only add the outside background to add but I wasn't slightly scared of the curved seam. I took the plunge on Saturday and finished the block, which has 11 pieces.
Next block #11 wasn't easy either with 3 Y-seams, not something I favour either. Better finished than perfect for this one, I guess although it didn't turn out too bad I think. 23 pieces
Block #14 wasn't too difficult, piecing small pinwheels blocks into a 9-patch, a total of 44 pieces
Block #15 - basket block was paper pieced with 25 pieces
For block #16, I paper-pieced the star and then added the long triangle on the sides, 4 more Y-seams. I'll have to be a Y-seam expert by the end of this quilt really! - 25 pieces
Block #21 was a very easy square in square but paper-pieced because of the awkward size - 5 pieces
Block #22 was another strip of flying geese and I used the no-waste method again - 30 pieces
Total number of pieces so far = 399

I have also started to sew the blocks together since the instructions for the first quarter of the quilt were released in April - although I have exchanged some of the blocks to avoid having the same fabric too close.
I have used the instructions to plan the fabric to use in my next blocks to try and spread the fabric across the section as well.
A good week-end for my BOM Rehab.


  1. Lovely blocks and I loooove the colour combo.

  2. I love the fabrics you are using and like you some of my blocks are better finished than perfect.It is going to be a huge quilt!!!

  3. Love your colour choice (my favourite colour) I think we must be at similar stages of completion, although you have made block 16 and I still have to make that one, not looking forward to the Y seams.

  4. I love your blue and cream color scheme. You are doing great on this one and your progress is better than those of us who haven't even started yet!

    Even the comment robot thinks so: my first verification words said I better get "workinn" before the blocks "xperyer" (expire)!


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