Sunday, 15 July 2012

The mosaic of shame

I have just created a mosaic of some of the UFOs buried in my sewing room. I have always been very reluctant to go through my UFO and make a list because I knew it wouldn't be a pretty view....
This is it now, I have made it public I have (far too) many unfinished project. Well I sure hope the Lazy Bums are going to help finish or progress some of these... Watch this space (but I won't promise anything!)


  1. I piled mine on the floor and took a photo then found more (it is shocking isn't it!)? We will cheer each other on and WE WILL TRIUMPH!!!! (fingers crossed anyways!) Glad to be in another group with you!!

  2. That's a great way to make yourself feel guilty enough to finish some UFOs - I put mine in boxes which are staring at me.....this summer I'm going to make some progress on them :-)


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