Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Something different

In the summer, I got tempted to try making some soap. So I ordered all the ingredients I needed and started playing, using the cold process. It is actually very easy to make and after it is poured in the mould, the soap has to be left alone for a month. I picked into the box now and then (because one month is a long time to wait to see the result of your work!) and noticed that there had been an "explosion" in my box... After searching online, I realised I had a "volcano" soap. And although the soap is not pretty because of the volcano effect, it is still very nice to use and we have already used 2 bars.

I convinced myself that I shouldn't stay on a mixed experience where I must say I was somewhat disappointed with the result and I should try again. But I must admit, I keep putting it off. Having put hand made soaps on my list of presents to make, I couldn't push it much longer... Finally on Saturday, I got all the ingredients out and decided it was time to play again.

I made 2 batches still using the cold process. and it all well!
One batch is lavender and May Chang

and the second is May Chang and Peppermint.

The kitchen smelt delicious for the whole evening.

Now the soap are under cover in the garage, let's hope the result is good in one month time!

And whatever the resultss, this is another one off my Q4 Finish Along list!


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