A new bag

After the success of the Blanche Bag with my youngest daughter last month, I knew I had to make the one for her older sister as promptly as possible. The plan had been to make both in parallel but that didn't quite work out. Anyway, I started cutting it on our return from holidays and I must admit, this is quite a time consuming part as there are so many pieces to cut once you add the main fabric, the lining, the interfacing and the stabiliser! And of course I got really side-tracked with my dressmaking projects.

But I had put this project as my April One Monthly Project so with the end of the month looming, it was time to get focused again, nothing better than a deadline (even a self-imposed one) to get back on track. So I finally started sewing on Saturday night and only went as far as getting the zip for the internal pocket on the lining piece and putting the main body pieces together.... not very far really!
 I had (as usual!) great ambitions for Sunday but my free sewing time ended up much shorter than I anticipated. Anyway, I managed to get the exterior together and from the picture below, it would almost look like a finished bag!
 And finally on Monday evening, with just a few hours to spare until the end of the month, I managed to finish my bag by sewing the lining in. I hate the method that is used in the pattern and if you look closely, you will notice that my zip is wonky (I think I sewed it about 5 times on one of the side because I couldn't get the lining to get far enough from the teeth not to get caught)
 And of course, the handles were added too!
 A finished bag for my daughter who was really happy and proud of it. She has had her previous tiny bag since she started ballet classes 6 years ago so that was well overdue!
 Since then she has added 2 other classes so she now has 3 different pairs of shoes, this bag is definitely more roomy than the previous one who was too small!
 I used fabric from my stash for it, I had ordered the outside fabric especially for her but that was over a year ago and the lining was one I had bought, just because it looked cute.
 Pattern for this bag is again the Blanche Barrel Bag by Swoon Patterns. The outside fabric is an organic cotton Buttermilk Shroom by Birch Fabric
So I finished my One Monthly Project in time, but too late to take decent pictures and post on my blog! And of course this was an OPAM for April as well as one of my Q2 FAL list.
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  1. Wonderful finish! I love the bag! On behalf of the global hosts, thank you for linking up to the FAL.


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