Thursday, 28 February 2019

February in review

February is a short month and we were away for a full week. That combined with 2 birthdays and 5 or 6 birthday cakes I baked left little time for sewing! But I did manage a little and a few finish so I am quite pleased with that :-)

1. Continue to work on the Harry Potter sew-along and keep up the pace, if possible. I managed to complete 3  blocks to catch up this month, still 2 to do to be back on track. 
2. Scrappy Trip Along - red and green blocks needed to be able to finish the top - no progress
3. 365 challenge, so many more blocks are needed, let's see if I can make a few no progress
4. Dear Jane - BOW and TOW, is that possible? no progress but I have a plan....
5. HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top no progress
6. Kingfisher Sew Along - prepare more blocks for sew on the go no progress
7. Strips blocks for Moda Sew along  - this is my February APQ challenge! I managed to piece the top this month!

8. Vintage Kitchen - continue to make the blocks no progress
9. Gipsy Wife - make more blocks no progress
10. FW 1920 - make more blocks no progress
11. FW 1930 - make more blocks no progress


1. Hepburn pants - finish it - This will be my One monthly goal  - finished and enjoyed already!
2. Summit peak top, cut and ready to be sewn no progress
3. Givre tee - finished and enjoyed already!
4. Linden or Toaster sweater in navy  no progress
5. Salida skirt  no progress
6. Yoga pants  no progress
7. PJ for C  - cut but my overlocker is out of action, finished just in time!
8. PJ top for hubby  no progress
9. Lingerie  no progress

1. Carrier Conquest Handbag - no progress

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  1. Wow! The HP blocks look amazingly involved and I'm sure they take loads of time, so well done on 3 blocks! The strip quilt top is a dazzler--so much movement and colour, and so well done on making trousers and a tee. I used to make clothes but kinda fell off once I got into quilting. You may not think it's much but I feel you've done really well, so go you! :D

  2. BTW, this is Hazel from the Wordpress blog. Google is determined to claim me for itself... *eyeroll*

  3. What lovely projects!! The HP one is especially marvellous!

  4. That looks like a very productive month! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* And those HP block are amazing!


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