Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Austin tee - pattern testing

This one wasn't on any list.... but for whatever reasons, even though I knew sewing time would be VERY limited, I volunteered to test the latest pattern by New Horizons Designs: the Austin Tee. Why? I don't know really but never mind, I liked the picture on the call for testers, surely that's enough :-)

The Austin Tee is a lovely tee for boys (or girls really) from 3 months until 16 years, so a large size range really! It had lovely details that makes it more than a simple T and a very flattering fit.

There were 2 iterations for the T as the facing was revised during the testing. I made the long-sleeved version but you can make it with short sleeves too.

The pattern is easy to make and features a lovely V-neck (Ok mine is a lttle rounded!)
as well as a side slit
The fit is quite snug,  not boxy at all ( my son is not really big). It gives a lovely figure I think :-)
I had meters of that lovely graffiti fabric that I bought from Fabworks last year so I made both versions with the same fabric (and I cut the sleeves of the first one later to have a short sleeve T as well). If you look closely on the website, you'll find a few pictures of my boy!
These were 2 finish for May but I didn't manage to blog about it before now!

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