Friday, 18 June 2021

Hearts galore

 Another very old project... I will confess that I used to be a swap addict! The swap blocks were from before the high speed internet since they were made in 2006!

The idea for this swap was to prepare some blocks with 3 raw edge hearts applique on top of each other. The hearts have an indent on the side and in the middle to be sliced up. This is a variation on the "bull eye pattern".

After the blocks had been swapped, we were supposed to cut them in 4 (in half vertically and horizontally). Next step was to pick pieces from 4 blocks and assemble them together into a new heart.

I had started rebuilding the blocks but not all of them. I even used some blocks to make photo album covers. I had made those in 2013 for the wedding of my son's favorite teacher and probably had one extra. You can read all about it here.

When I found those blocks, I knew I would never do anything else with them so it was time to let them go and share the love. They have now found a new home!


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