Monday, 20 February 2012

Birthday cakes

We went home for a couple of days last week so that Baby Girl could meet the family for the first time and her older brother and sister could have a joint family birthday party. We had a great time and were busy doing not much really! We even had their 2 great-grand mothers (my 2 grand-mothers both in their 80s) attending the family gathering, which was so nice.
And of course, it did involved some baking again! I made a pirate ship for Mr Cars
 and another Hello Kitty for Miss Strawberry Shortcake
I had planned lots of sewing and patchwork to do for the time away but didn't even open my bag while at my Mum's! I only managed a little stitching in the car on the way there and back. Just enough to finish off the October Birdie Stitches block (well I thought it was finished until I took a picture and realised I forgot to stitch one spider...) (I now have 2 more to go for this BOM as I badly fell behind towards the end of the year)

and to make some progress on one Life is Beautiful block but not yet finished!


  1. The hello Kitty cake looks very good .. again .. but that pirate ship is absolutely great .. I like the sails.

  2. having time with famil beats EVEN sewing in the list of whats important xx


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