Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bento boxes - green

This month colour is green for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is green so I have pulled out my box of greens and selected 2 fabrics in there that I really liked to cut a strip off each.
I have made 2 Bento Box blocks with the same Kona solid white that last month.

Now the question is mix and match?
or monochromatic?
I think I might wait until I have all my blocks done to decide. The tutorial I follow was mixing the blocks and I think the finish quilt looks great.

And since yesterday was Valentine's day, here is a peak at the lovely cards Miss Strawberry Shortcake hand made for us all, pretty and so sweet.


  1. I love would say put the 2 greens tog...but its your quilt and you have to live with it xx

  2. I like the monochromatic a little better but they are both beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the link to the great tutorial. I love clever planning that eliminates extra work and lets you come up with just the right number of pieces. I love the monochromatic look, but no need to decide quite yet.

  4. I think at this time I like your monochromatic blocks. It may take more blocks over all to see.

  5. I like all of your blocks. will make a beautiful rainbow quilt in December.

  6. I love those Bento boxes. Great job!

  7. This is a great little block! Whatever you decide I'm sure it'll look beautiful.


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