Friday, 24 February 2012

Pot holder pass 10- Wow!

I have been in a couple of the Pot Holder Pass organised by Amy at During Quiet Time in the last few years and was surprised this morning when my swap arrived in a reasonable sized box. You don't expect a box for 2 pot holders usually. But this is exactly what I received from Michelle my swap partner, a box full of goodies.
She didn't just make 2 pot holders, for a start she made 4
then she made a bag
and an apron
 and finally a pin cushion
I suppose you've guessed the theme of the swap by now, yes it was Log Cabin!
 She also sent me some scraps of fabric as well. I feel really really spoilt that she has done and sent me so much. Thank you very much Michelle!

Today I also received my first block for the 4x5 modern Quilt Bee. I am in Hive#12 for the first quarter. This block came from Karen:
I have asked for blocks in pink with a white background for the bee in order to maybe make a quilt for the girls, if I don't keep it for me!
More soon!

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  1. what a lovely parcel...your partner is very generous xx enjoy the contents xx


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