Wednesday, 29 February 2012

CQ Journal - February block

I pieced this block earlier this month, using the same idea as last month block. I picked the central fabric first (a scrap from a silk tie) and tried to find in my stash fabrics that would match the colours of the focus fabric to finish the square off. Once the block was pieced, I went through my ribbons, embellishments etc but I couldn't find anything which I thought would work for this block. So I was left to work with embroidery and beads only but the block wasn't really "talking to me", I couldn't find any inspiration. So I left the block aside until this week when I slowly started to embroider the seams. And this is what I ended up with, I am actually pleased with the block I have done, especially for a block which wasn't "talking to me"!

I added this flower from lace I hand-dyed years ago. The pink was very close to the pink fabric so that was a good match!

I also decided that it would be good to make a block that would have images of this month so I couched a piece of the ribbon I had been using to make the birth announcement earlier this month. To echo the focus fabric, I couched it with straight stitches on each side and mirrored the colours of the thread to that of the opposite fabric.
I also added 3 hearts as February is of course the month of love! And I choose to add 3 because Miss Strawberry Shortcake turned 3 in February.
The 12 green beads on the yellow which echo the focus fabric will remind me I did the block in 2012.
And finally we had winter and spring weather this month so I mixed flowers and snowflakes in my last embellishment.

I might revisit the block I did in January now to add a few clues about that particular month like I did for February.
OK ready to piece next block now.


  1. sometimes you just have to sit on your hands and wait for the "message" to come through xx

  2. Thanks for the Archive post, I had never seen the CQ Journal project before. Later this year I hope to start embroidering again and this would be a great way (a block a month) for me to try approaching it on my own.

    The blocks you did for this month are so beautiful will be looking back through your blog to see the rest!

  3. Oh I love this glad we are getting to see your older much cool stuff being rejuvenated!!


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