Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bento Box blocks

I finished my blocks for the [4x5] Modern quilt bee yesterday evening. I used the Bento box pattern for this quarter after I made my test block with pink Kaffe Fassett fabric last week. Most of my swap partners asked for aqua, which I didn't have in my stash so I had to do some online shopping before I could do my blocks. Here are the blocks:
First block for Jill our caretaker who wanted aqua, a touch of red and a white background
Second block for Karen who wanted aqua, red and a white background
Third block for Anna who wanted bright scrappy and a white background
Fourth block for Jennifer who wanted aqua with a light grey background
Fifth block for Megan who wanted aqua, lime and a grey background
Sixth block is a surprise block in aqua and white
And all the 6 blocks together!
Now that I have made these blocks and enriched my stash with some aqua fabrics, I am thinking that they look very cool and I might *need* a quilt in aqua for the summer.... No, I can't start a new quilt now. Maybe that could be an idea for a future bee...

Today we also celebrated Mr Cars birthday (again) so I baked another cake for the occasion. Can you guess what I intended to make?



  1. I give up... what is it? like your blocks xx

  2. rocketship? I love your aqua/white/grey blocks

  3. Pretty blocks. I'm guessing it's some sort of space/rocket ship? That's what it looks like to me.

  4. Congrats on all your completed projects. and of course it's a rocketship!


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