Monday, 26 March 2012

BOM Rehab

Last week, I stumbled across this post from Sinta about her BOM Rehab programme that she was planning to launch and I thought it was a very good idea to help me keep focused on some of my WIP which could easily turned into UFOs. So I have decided to join her on her rehab program and will see how I do.
Do you have BOMs that are in progress or in the waiting stage that you'd love to see getting somewhere? Why not join the club then and get some encouragements from fellow BOM addicts?
Check over Sinta's blog and see if you want to join in as well!
I have a couple of BOMs that I have started and so many more that I have saved "for later". These are my in-progress one that I should really concentrate on finishing before starting a new one:
  • the Birdie Stitches BOM from last year where I have the last 2 month to stitch
  • the Civil War BOW from last year that I have only started (I think I have about 8 blocks out of 53)
  • the Shabby Roses BOM where I have stitched about 3 blocks so far
  • Just Takes 2 started this year where I have about 10 blocks done so far
and then I have my "personal" BOMs:
  • the rainbow Bento box |(up to date so far!)
  • the rainbow Circle of Geese that I am making with the Rainbow Scrap challenge,

I actually worked on this BOM this week-end and managed to make half of the circle!
  • Life is Beautiful where I am aiming to stitch one block a month

I also worked on this BOM last night while watching TV so I am still hoping to finish my block by Friday!
Well I hope to see you there!

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