Thursday, 8 March 2012

Birthday boy

We had a terrible night with Miss Strawberry Shortcake being sick in her bed and ending up with me while Daddy was away, not much sleep for either me or her so today is quite slow really. But today is also a big day since it is Mr Cars' birthday. So Mummy had to bake a cake of course. Orders had been placed already. He wanted a brownies, as this was also the favourite cake of my Dad, his grand- dad and he loves it too. A brownies is of course yummy but it isn't very easy to decorate since you can't really take it off the baking tin in one piece as it is still soft and runny inside. Instead of using my usual square tin, I used a round one which landed itself very well to making a football. So here is his birthday cake ready for tonight and hidden away.

The presents are also hidden all over the house and the clues for the treasure hunt are ready. Practising reading in French as well as having fun! He should have a good evening. Then we'll make another cake at the week-end to celebrate with friends and another one next week for his party with his school friends. I should be busy in the kitchen in the near future.

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  1. dont spend too much time in the kitchen!! come out and enjoy the fun every now and then!! x hope all goes well x


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