Friday, 20 April 2012

Grey Bento Box

The rainbow Scrap Challenge this month is light neutral. I was wondering whether to do any blocks at all for my Bento Box quilt as I am using a white background. I wanted to make sure I keep enough contrast in my blocks so they can be read as Bento Box blocks. So I decided to use grey as my light neutral (might not look very light to some, but I am happy with it!) and made these 2 blocks this week:

One tick on the BOM Rehab list as well!


  1. They look great in grey! and I think these blocks are wonderful. Next year's challenge perhaps? I've still to do my Rainbow blocks of D4P.

  2. Interesting choice of colours - they look great. I have some grey scraps but didn't even consider them as "light neutrals" but you are right, they are! (I came in from soscrappy's rainbow challenge)

  3. I do like them in gray - they look great.

  4. Very pretty! Can't wait to see them all together.


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